The ABRF Blog

By:  Nicole White

Communications Co-Chair and EdComm Membe

As a member of the ABRF and the Education Committee we have been discussing ways to bring more of the ABRF to the individual member to continue with the “ABRF and You” Mission. The executive board has given us their blessing in moving forward with a blog to write more about perspectives on shared facility management.

Ideally this blog will be a collection of Interviews, Best Practices Articles, Discussions on Featured Papers, and some Food for Thought from individuals. I would like to gather interest on those that would be interested in posting a blog, article, or even interview on one of your shared facilities at your own Institutions on management, best practices, and other common (or not so common) issues that shared facilities face.

Each of these posts will be archived for future reading. There is alot of potential with the direction that we can carry this forward but most importantly this blog will be more successful with more shared perspectives from individuals like yourself. We all have our own battles and not every Institution is shaped the same to allow us to adopt the same resolution. So the more we can share our ideas the more we can adopt better practices into our own shared facilities. I am more than happy to field any questions and comments along the way.

Nicole White

Communications co-Chair and EdComm Member