CNN Money Announces Fastest Growing and Best Jobs – Laboratory Supervisor Rounds Out Both Lists

CNN Money just announced its Top 100 Best Jobs and Top 10 fastest growing jobs in America.  Hitting the list : Laboratory Supervisor.  Laboratory Supervisor positions hit the 10th spot on the list ranking of fastest growing job in America, resting behind jobs like Hand Therapist, Market Analyst, and Content Strategist.  It also rounded out spot number 100 on the list of Top 100 Best Jobs in America with a B rating for personal Satisfaction, an A rating for benefit to society, and a C rating for stress on the job.

Details on the articles post my CNN Money can be found here:

100 Best Jobs:

Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs in America:

Feel free to browse through the list and view other rankings for jobs on the list to see how the future of Laboratory Supervisor compares to other positions.