November 15 Webinar: The ABRF NGS Study, Phase 2: DNA Sequencing Platforms



Date: November 15th
1:00 pm ET


Don Baldwin
Co Founder,

Christopher Mason
Associate Professor,
Weill Cornell Medical College

Scott Tighe
Manager, Massively Parallel Sequencing Facility, University of Vermont Cancer Center










This webinar will provide an update on Phase 2 of the ongoing ABRF Next Generation Sequencing Study, an effort to evaluate the performance of NGS platforms and to identify optimal methods and best practices. Phase 1 of the study focused on RNA sequencing, while Phase 2 is focusing on genomic DNA samples.

In particular, Phase 2 of the ABRF NGS study aims to address three questions applicable to most technologies being used for deep sequencing of genomic DNA: 1) for a typical combination of sample preparation method and sequencing instrument (a “platform”), what levels of intra- and inter-laboratory variation should be expected; 2) how is a platform affected by DNA exposed to formalin fixation ; and 3) how is a platform affected by DNA that contains a skewed nucleotide composition? Sequencing for the study is being performed by independent academic service laboratories not affiliated with reagent or instrument vendors. The use of well-characterized, publicly available reference samples and uniform protocols within each platform will generate baseline data sets against which alternative methods, hardware upgrades, and any sequencing lab’s performance can be compared.