New FASEB Report: Leveraging Shared Resources to Improve Research

A new report from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), “Maximizing Shared Research Resources,” identifies the challenges encountered by shared research resources providers and users, and makes recommendations for improvement.

Shared research resources – from core facilities to living collections and national laboratories – make efficient use of funds and broaden researchers’ access to advanced technologies and materials. But shared resource providers face difficulties that limit their ability to offer cutting-edge services.

FASEB surveyed shared resource users and providers and identified four key areas for improvement:

Create better business models for shared resource facilities;

  1. Enhance funding programs that support facilities;
  2. Increase national awareness of shared resources;
  3. Connect researchers with institutional resources.

Click here to view the full report including the survey instrument and analysis of findings. For more information, contact Bethany Drehman, FASEB Senior Science Policy Analyst.

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