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ABRF 2015 Program Highlights and Features

The ABRF 2015 Program Committee is proud to announce a few highlights for the 26th Annual Meeting being hosted in St. Louis, MO beginning on Saturday, March 28th.

Check out the pre-conference workshops! Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn the latest from the experts. There is something for everybody! The first workshop, “Experimental Design and Sample Collection: Best Practices for Metabolomics and Proteomics”, will focus on identifying sample collection methods that may be more compatible for ‘omics technologies.

The second workshop, “Image Processing and Analysis with open Source FIJI/ImageJ”, will be highly interactive, with exercises following each topic. It will focus on workflows for specific biological assays with some detail on the underlying image processing steps.

And last but not least, the third workshop “Next Generation Sequencing of Microbial Communities”, will focus on many of the current strategies being applied to microbial community analysis in regards to project design, sequencing execution, and analysis utilizing QIIME. Remember to register early to ensure your seat!

Each of these workshops will be featured on Saturday, March 28th.  Be sure to register early as these events fill up quickly!  More information about these satellite workshops and details on registration can be found at


The 2015 ABRF Conference Program also features 6 different tracks for attendees to follow or design their own itinerary.  Featured tracks include: Administrative, Imaging,       Proteomics, Genomics, MultiTrack, Research Group Topics.  Below are a few highlights from some of the featured tracks.  Be sure to visit our Conference website for more details and information on each offering.


  • Cost analysis and rate setting
  • Lean enterprise practices in the operation of cores
  • Building a sustainable portfolio of core facilities
  • Inter-core partnerships
  • Trending core business challenges and how to overcome them.


  • Single-cell genomics
  • Fast and low cost NGS sample preparation
  • Metagenomics
  • Large-Scale RNA-Seq analysis, normalization and Interpretation
  • Gene Editing

The Metagenomics content of the program is strong and starts with our distinguished plenary speaker, Susannah Green Tringe, PhD, from the Joint Genome Institute.  There is also a metagenomics scientific session led by Samantha Joye, University of Georgia and a Metagenomics Research Group presentation.  The meeting content is complimented by Saturday’s Satellite Workshop: Next-Generation Sequencing of Microbial Communities: Strategies for Project Design, Execution and QIIME Analysis.

Imaging track:

  • Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM)
  • Sample Clearing Methods
  • Challenging Sample Preparations
  • Watching Biology in Action – Live Cell Imaging
  • Live Cell Imaging Tips and Tools
  • New Horizons for Light Microscopy

The imaging track team is also excited about our plenary speaker, John Condeelis, a leader in the field of in vivo imaging. And we are thrilled that the ABRF award is going to go to John White and Brad Amos, who developed confocal microscopy. This last part is a bit tricky, because the award has not been officially announced, and I wouldn’t want the blog to be the first place.

Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry:

  • Antibody Discovery and Characterization
  • Top-down Sequencing of Intact Proteins
  • Single Cell Mass Spectrometry
  • Quantitative Proteomics
  • Metabolomics

We are also excited about our plenary speaker, Daniel Liebler, an internationally recognized expert in proteomics and cancer research.

Other Tracks of Interest:

  • Bioinformatics Cores as a Business
  • Use of Galaxy in multiple frameworks
  • Setting up References in a Clinical Lab
  • Antibody Validation for ChIP- Seq Applications
  • Education and Instrument Standardization in Flow Cytometry


ABRF 2015 Abstract Submission is now LIVE!

Abstract submission is now live!

Visit  to submit your abstract.

The guidelines for submitting a core poster as it is currently stated on the website:                                                                                  Pic-Abstracts

**Core Facilities Submission Criteria:

Core Facilities posters should be aimed at promoting scientific discovery or enriching the core or laboratory setting. Core Facilities posters must provide data or measurements that support the conclusions. Any poster focused on marketing a core facility or company (e.g. presenting an inventory of services or equipment)  will not be accepted.

Recommended Core Facilities poster topics include:

  1.   Development of a novel technique or modification to a previously implemented protocol
  2.   Implementation details of a new workflow, protocol or standard operating procedure
  3.   A quantitative evaluation of a core’s impact on the institute it serves

A well written and correctly formatted example of a Core Facilities abstract presented by Johnson et al in J Biomol Tech v.24(2); Jul 2013 (doi:  10.7171/jbt.13-2402-003) can be found at

Outstanding Scientist/Technologist Awards Travel Awards


Travel awards are available to ABRF members who have made outstanding contributions in their institutional core facilities; have developed new biotechnologies with applications in core facilities; and/or have been active in ABRF activities. The award is to be used to offset the cost of attending ABRF 2015, to be held March 28-31, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri ( Applications being accepted now – deadline is January 9th, 2015!

The award amount is $600 for domestic (USA) members, $750 for International North American members, and $1,000 for International non-North American members, and may be used to offset the costs associated with meeting attendance (for example, travel and lodging). A complimentary registration is also included as part of the award.

Students, postdoctoral fellows, or laboratory technicians directly associated with the mission of member laboratories may also apply.

Those who have received a travel award within the past three years are not eligible.

If an applicant has questions concerning filing an application, please contact Debbie Adam, Chairman of the ABRF Travel Award Committee:
Email: or

Give Yourself the ABRF 2015 Annual Meeting For the Holidays

By: Kevin Knudtson

Chair, ABRF 2015 Program Committee

As the holidays near ABRFer’s have two things on their minds: choosing what new instrument their institution will place in their lab for Christmas and the ABRF Annual Meeting.  While I cannot tell you what new toy to place in your lab, I can tell you why you should not miss the ABRF 2015 Annual Meeting (!

Enrich your career with this year’s theme, “Integrative Technologies for Advancing Scientific Cores”.  The ABRF 2015 Annual Meeting will be held on March 28th-31st at the America’s Convention Center in the heart of downtown St. Louis.  The Renaissance Grand Hotel, located just across the street from the convention center, is the official conference hotel.  Its central location will place you near the many downtown attractions, restaurants and shops. St. Louis is filled with exciting networking opportunities for those who may consider arriving early or staying late, such as:

  • Celebrate the St. Louis Gateway Arch 50th anniversary with friends
  • Meet old and new collaborators for frozen custard or gooey cakes
  • Enjoy a St. Louis style pizza and beer with your colleagues

The program starts with three fantastic satellite workshops on Saturday, March 28th. Continue reading