The ABRF Executive Board Election Results Are In!

Our Executive Board (EB) election was a very close race this year, in large part because we had such strong candidates. Thank you to each of the candidate for tossing their hats into the ring and for sharing their vision for our association. Thank you as well as to those ABRF members who voted and made a difference because your participation directly impacts our collective future.

It is my great pleasure to announce that Chris Lytle and Claudius Mundoma will each begin their 4-year term on the ABRF Executive Board immediately after ABRF2018 concludes. I invite everyone to congratulate them and get to know them a little better through 3 questions they have answered for us. Please also take time to read their Vision Statement, which is provided at the conclusion of their interview.

Frances Weis-Garcia
ABRF, President

After racing up Mt. Washington in June

Chris Lytle

What has been your favorite ABRF experience / is your favorite ABRF memory?

My favorite thing about ABRF is the networking. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the meetings, at an ABRF function, with vendors, or just out with a group on our own, the ability to network with old and new friends is invaluable to me. I can’t tell you how many times I have turned to my ABRF friends for help and guidance on the issues that come up at work. I owe much of my success to my network of friends from ABRF.

My fondest ABRF memory is the meeting in Memphis. I was co-chair of the GVRG and our study and presentation on the ability for NGS software ability to call heterozygous SNPs went well. Then there was the vender party held out at Graceland, and you can’t forget about the pulled pork at every meal. The ending social down on Beale Street was a blast. Yea, that was a great meeting!

If someone who does not know much about ABRF were to ask, “Why you are an active ABRF member?” how would you answer them? 

I think I inadvertently answered this question already. It’s the networking! When I meet someone who is starting up a core lab or working in one I always recommend they join ABRF. It’s an over whelming task to work in a core without a network of support. ABRF provides the foundation for the support and resources you need.

Lucy on one of our winter runs in fresh snow on the Appalachian Trail.

What do you do when you are not working at your day job or contributing ABRF efforts?

I’m an outdoors type of person. I run year-round with my Black Lab, Lucy. We run trails mostly and while this can be a challenge in the New Hampshire winters, its very beautiful. I am alpine ski instructor on weekends at the Dartmouth Skiway teaching the local youth. I also like to cross-country ski and snowshoe. This helps the winters pass quickly. The rest of the year I like to kayak, bike, and hike. I love to travel with my wife too. We have a trip planned to Germany soon and then one to Prague and Budapest later this year.

Click here for Chris’ Vision Statement which contains his professional background as well.

Traveling and seeking adventures beyond the beaten paths - with a lion!

Traveling and seeking adventures beyond the beaten paths – with a lion!

Claudius Mundoma

What has been your favorite ABRF experience / is your favorite ABRF memory?

There is nothing like the first time … My favorite ABRF experience was the very first time I attended the ABRF meeting held in Downtown Disney. What started off as a casual trip to a conference that also happened to be in Downtown Disney has turned out to be a career game changer. It is exactly three and half hours from office desk to the gates at Epcot. I can make it to Disney on half of a tank in my educator’s favorite car – the Prius. So, there really was no downside to exploring what the so-called ABRF National Meeting was all about. I am a morning person and, thus I made it to all the early morning plenary talks. I found myself attending all the sessions including the very last presentation. It was that good…

If someone who does not know much about ABRF were to ask, “Why you are an active ABRF member?” how would you answer them? 

When I attended the ABRF Conference in Disney, touring Disney became a distant second priority. The people I met at that ABRF conference were very engaging and generally, they spoke my language. The enthusiasm they had for their work was just palpable. It was so refreshing to finally meet “my kind of people”. From that day, I felt that being a Core Facility Director was not some type of “odd faculty position” but it was a THING! As a matter of fact, it was the THING I really wanted to do. I came to understand the endless possibilities of being a Core Facility Director. It offered opportunities to engage a broad spectrum of research groups on campus as they come through the core facilities with projects that ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other on complexity. I also had several discussions with “complete strangers” about intricate details of running the lab. Some even offered tips on how to deal with problem customers. Some offered tips on how to effectively engage vendors and negotiate service contracts pre- and post- equipment acquisition. The ABRF has offered that scaffold that I needed as I tried to make sense of the career path I had chosen and at the same time delivering as much value to the Florida State University research community as I could. Every day, I find opportunities to improve the way science research is carried out on campus.

What do you do when you are not working at your day job or contributing ABRF efforts?

Although I am very passionate about my work and everything Core Facilities – it is the tinkering that I do beyond the work bench that has enriched my experiences. As much as I enjoy core facility management, I enjoy starting small businesses. I get thrills from turning ideas into products. I enjoy turning ideas into services. I usually go beyond just creating “things” to creating a small business – complete with all the trappings that come with a branded outfit. Just a few months ago, my son and I were foraging through our backyard after the occasional Florida Hurricanes when we came across some very beautiful berries… We decided to pick them and make something out of them after we discovered that they were edible, and people were making jelly out of them. I decided to convert them into wine and thus I became a wine maker. This past holiday I was sharing my wine creations with friends and family. They now consider me a wine maker. Of course, I accepted the honor and played the part of a wine maker. I enjoy turning ideas into cool products and services. I feel that, what I do off the bench – creating products and services from ideas mirrors what I do at work.

I like traveling and seeking adventures beyond the beaten paths. Every summer I try to travel at least 2000 miles to familiar and unfamiliar places. I have started traveling with friends to these distant lands. I find that this regular travel rejuvenates me and provides an opportunity for introspection and reflection. I have enjoyed it.

Click here for Claudius’ Vision Statement which contains his professional background as well.


ABRF Announces Executive Board Election Results

ABRF Members turned out in record numbers to elect two new members for the Executive Board.

Rich Cole, Research Scientist V, Director, Advanced Light Microscopy & Image Analysis Core, Wadsworth Center and Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Public Health State University of New York and Nancy C. Fisher, PhD, Director, UNC Flow Cytometry Core Facility and Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were elected to serve a term of four (4) years on the Executive Board of ABRF. Their terms will commence immediately following the ABRF 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. Congratulations, Rich and Nancy!

The terms of Bill Hendrickson, President, and Paula Turpen, Treasurer, will conclude after the ABRF 2017 Annual Meeting. Thank you Bill and Paula for your outstanding leadership, hard work, and dedicated service to the ABRF and its membership.